Cozy Construction and Care

Protect your Kindles, Ipads, Scrap-booking (Cricut, Silhouette, Xyron), Binding and Laminating machines from those nasty little dust bunnies with a lovely cozy that is guaranteed to fit like a glove! Each cozy features pretty, coordinating fabrics (100% cotton) that have been machine-quilted over a layer of batting and muslin lining. All seams have been finished and the binding has been hand-basted. A button, bow, or applique embellishment adds a delightful finishing touch to each cozy. Your Cozy will certainly be a pretty addition to any work space, and will keep your Cricut Expressions/Cakes, Creates/Personal Cutters, Cuttlebugs, Gypsies, Imagines, Kindles, and Ipads free from dust, scratches, and normal wear-and-tear and damage for years to come! All cozies may be machine or hand-washed in cold water. Line dry or use low heat when drying in a clothes dryer. A cool iron may be used, if necessary. INTERNATIONAL SHIPPING INQUIRIES WELCOME. Orders will be shipped via USPS within 10-14 days of payment, and in most cases sooner. Click on pics to enlarge.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Bags, More Bags...and a Few More Bags!

Recently, at the request of a very nice lady, I started to make Scrap Bags. They are so handy for all of those little pieces of "scrap" paper that are left over when you are scrapping or making cards. Plus, they're pretty! I mean--really...would you rather have this...
Or this???
All of the bags have interfacing sewn into them so that they stand on their own. They are fully lined. Here's an inside shot.
Fabric combinations are limitless! Here's a pretty polka dot print lined with black...
And this one is for the scrapper who has a "wild" side. :)
And even a bandana skull print looks nice with hot pink, huh?
Each bag is about 5 inches wide and 4 inches deep. The full height is about 8 inches, but it can be shortened by cuffing the top.

Monday, June 27, 2011

Monica's Matching Cozies: Part 2

When Monica chose the fabric for her set of new Cozies, I recognized it immediately. I actually had made some Cozies out of it a year ago--but it had a white background (see below) instead of a purple one. I called it my "Queen's Choice" Cozy. It was one of my all-time favorite Cozies. I paired it with a tiny pink and white polka dot fabric, and then finished off the look with a pretty satin bow.
When the background color is changed to eggplant purple, a totally new look is achieved, don't you think? Still very pretty, but so different.
This is a YourStory Cozy. I have to admit, this is one of the most difficult Cozy patterns I've made. The sides of it aren't flat, so I couldn't make end panels. Plus, the top is not uniform. But I wanted this Cozy to have the same overall "look" of an Expression or E2 Cozy, so I kept the middle band and embellishment. Although you can't see it, there's a small slit in the back to accommodate the cord, too. I'm happy with the fit. :)
And this is Monica's matching Gypsy Cozy. It will keep your Gypsy snuggly warm and scratch-free for years to come. :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Monica's Matching Cozies: Part 1

Question: What could be better than a beautiful Cozy to keep your Scrapping machine free of dust and dents?

Answer: A whole set of matching Cozies that you have designed from start to finish.

A new friend, Monica, recently ordered some Cozies from me. She went to her local fabric store and absolutely fell in love with this print:

I was able to find it locally, so I bought up a few yards. I fell in love with this fabric immediately. Its eggplant-colored background provides the perfect contrast for all of the other colors. It's colorful, but subdued.

Monica wanted to pull out the teal in this fabric, so I found some fabric that matched perfectly. After seeing some pictures of various embellishments, Monica chose the beaded flower. It was my choice from the start, although I also liked the lacy pink button.

The finished products are shown below. I can't wait until Monica sends me a picture of her craftroom with all of the Cozies in place.

Imagine Cozy

Sewing Machine Cozy (This Cozy doesn't fit my machine perfectly, but I'm sure it will fit Monica's like a glove.)

Expression Cozy

Cuttlebug Cozy

Coming Soon: More of Monica's Matching Cozies :)

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Three New Cozies

I'm very excited today to unveil three new Cozy designs--for the Xyron 510, Cinch Binder, and Big Shot machines. A matching set for my friend Kymberlee is shown below. Kymberlee picked out such pretty fabric. It's a Michael Miller print called "Par Avion Spring." The coordinating teal fabric adds the perfect contrast to all three Cozies.

This is the Big Shot Cozy. It has a hand-finished slit on one side to accommodate the handle. A pretty bow closure holds the two parts together.

The Cinch binder Cozy was easiest to make. It's a fairly rectangular shape, so I just had to measure, cut and sew. But, the finished product is pretty and does the job--it keeps those dust bunnies away!
The Xyron 510 Cozy has a profile that matches the machine. Since the handle is fairly close to the side of the machine, no slit was necessary. What a pretty way to cover your machine!

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Busy with E2 Cozies!

Wow...I have really been busy trying to keep up with the new E2 orders! Check out some of my new, custom orders...

This is a lovely blue/cream toile Cozy. It looks very classy with a mirrored jewel in the front.

This Cozy is fun! The hot pink/white polka dots contrast nicely with the lime green trim. The hand-crocheted flower and hot pink button center add the perfect finishing touch.

For all of the Disney fans out there, check out this Mickey Mouse Cozy. The two buttons on the front match the buttons on Mickey's britches :)

This Cozy looks very elegant. The black and white fabric is gorgeous...and the metallic embellishment finishes off the look perfectly.

Animal prints are very hot these days! This brown/tank zebra print says, "I am queen of my room!"

Another hot zebra print, this one in black and white.