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Monday, July 23, 2012

Dear Husband Does It Again :)

A few months ago I posted about the favorite thing in my craft room.  It is a little picture I have on my wall that memorializes a failed attempt of my husband to make a hand-made Sympathy Doll.  (If you missed that post, you can check it out here.)

Well, Dear Husband was at it again for our 11th wedding anniversary.  And I must say his second attempt went much better!

Here it is...the Special Anniversary edition Sympathy Doll!  It's the gift that says,  "I love you so much I'm going to make you a peculiarly-shaped, asymmetrical doll that makes you feel a little sad when you look at it."

The first thing I noticed is that he cut a huge remnant of my very favorite Michael Miller print that I've been saving for a special project.  No problem, honey!  I can find more of this out-of-stock fabric.  It won't take me that long.

Here's a close-up shot of its adorable little face.  Wide-set eyes on a human usually don't work, but somehow it's perfect for my little anniversary gift ;)

And the hand-embroidered mouth, which admittedly took my husband 30 minutes to complete, says...well...I'm not sure I can interpret this'm sure it must be passion and love.  Yeah--that's it--passion and love.

Notice my husband's beautiful, calligraphy-like handwriting?  He's actually a very good artist.  He fashioned a perfect little shopping bag and filled it with a movie ticket for a "Cheap Date."  (This is a promotion that a local theater offers that includes dinner while you dine.  My favorite platter is the "Patty Duke," a juicy patty-melt burger served with a side of nachos.  My husband usually gets the Marilyn Monroe--a turkey sandwich with two heaping mounds of white meat.) Not sure where he got the handle for the bag, but I'm pretty sure somewhere in my gift-wrap supplies, I'll find a handle-less bag someday.  

I can't wait to go on our date.   We'll sit there, side-by-side, his hand in mine...our clasp broken only by hungry sandwich grabs.   We'll laugh and gaze at each other lovingly as we watch the romantic comedy.  We'll hold each other's hands ever so tightly as the sci-fi movie escalates in excitement.  I can't wait to go on our cheap date!

And what did I get my dear husband for our anniversary?  A chainsaw. we live in an apartment and don't actually have any trees to cut down.  It's the thought that counts, right?

I love you, honey.  I hope our next 11 years are just as happy as our first 11.  :)  


Anonymous said...

What a sweet doll.

Kymberlee - The Paper Midwife said...

Way to go John! I somehow think the fabric will be forgiven for so much thought. And you know, if you REALLY want some more of that fabric we know the perfect person who likes to dig up large amounts of discontinued patterns, I am sure she would LOVE to accept that mission ;) Happy Anniversary to you both, you are like Peanut Butter and Jelly. I hope you are blessed with many more happy years together.

MaryAnn said...

OOhhh , so romantic...Young Love.."sigh"

Enjoy it Kathy...I've been married 42 years and would have loved receiving a gift like this. All I get is a store bought romance in my hubbie but I'm keeping him anyway...(he does housework)LOL